yada is the complete events app and the perfect tool for your live music event. We were listed as one of the must-have apps for festivals by The Festival Guide and here is why.


yada is a free app that is available for download for both Android and Apple devices. You can use it to create an event page, invite your guests, collectively capture content and share it instantly with friends, guests & fans to relive them, time and time again.

Our app gives your event the wow factor at a cost-effective price. Watch your attendees delight in a fully immersive, interactive event experience as their content is projected onto screens around the venue with the LiveView.





Create personalised events and customise them with a date, location, cover photo and info pages. If you are an artist that has multiple events, why not create a page for you or your band and notify your fans about your next gig, ask them to share any photos they've taken and update them on any new releases?



Invite attendees to connect in one place and brief them with ease. Change of plans? Notify your guests with the click of a button without having to plough through emails and social media. The app will get your music-lovers interacting and connecting with each other both on yada and in person when the event begins.



Never miss a moment as you and your guests build up a real-time portrait of the event! By sharing their photos, videos and comments, your guests collect maximum content. As the event creator you have admin and legal rights to these photos so you can use them for marketing or promotional purposes in the future.



The amazing LiveView feature combines event content, that can be projected onto screens around the venue and shows guests the bigger picture. Enjoy a rolling, 360- degree view of the event as it unfurls, without having to wait for photo development or uploads to Facebook.


"Be ready, organised and fully immersed in the festival experience"

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