yada is the complete events app that promises to take your party to new heights, make it stand out from the crowd and give your guests something to talk about.


yada is a free app that is available for download for both Android and Apple devices. The app allows both event planners and attendees to collaborate their photos, videos and comments on a singular, interactive and dynamic platform.


Watch how the party unfolds from start to finish through the eyes of all your guests as their shared content is projected onto screens around the venue via the LiveView.




Create personalised events and customise them with a date, location, cover photo and info pages. If you are an events company who host events in different locations, why not create a page on yada to notify people on the venues for upcoming events.



Invite attendee to connect in one place and brief them with ease. The info pages can be used to upload a number of things. Notify attendees at the click of a button about anything, be it an update of how many tickets are left at the door, the event’s dress code, or the VIP bundles.



Never miss a moment as you and your guests build up a real-time portrait of the event! By sharing their photos, videos and comments, your guests collect maximum content. As the event creator you have admin and legal rights to these photos so you can use them for marketing or promotional purposes in the future.



The event content is combined in the LiveView that can be projected onto screens around the venue and shows guests the bigger picture. Enjoy a rolling, 360- degree view of the party as it unfolds, without having to wait for photo development or uploads to Facebook.


"Great for club nights out, bar socials, birthday parties, family gatherings and more..."

Free to download now

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