yada is the complete events app that promises to take your big day to new heights, make it stand out from the crowd and give your guests something to talk about.


With yada you can bring your guests & loved ones together, help your friends & family connect on a single platform and encourage them to share their photos, videos & wishes for the future safely and securely as your wedding unfolds.


yada gives your special day the wow factor at a cost-effective price. Watch your guests delight in a fully immersive, interactive event experience as their content is projected onto screens around the venue with the LiveView.





Create your perfect personalised wedding event. Set the date, venue locations and add photos and info pages.



Invite your guests to connect in one place and brief them with ease. Change of plans? Notify your attendees with the click of a button without having to plough through emails, the address book or social media. The app will get your guests interacting with each other both on yada and in person when the event begins.



Never miss a moment as you and your guests build up a real-time portrait of the day! By sharing their photos, videos and comments, your guests collect maximum content.



yada’s wonderful LiveView feature can project the collated content from your wedding day onto screens around the venue instantly. This means you and your guests can enjoy a rolling, 360- degree view of the event as it unfolds, without having to wait for photo development or uploads to Facebook. Is there someone who may not make it to the wedding in person? They can participate remotely by uploading their own content and view the highlights with the LiveView! If you have relatives abroad, this is a great way for them to feel as if they are a part of the big day as they can watch every moment and take away every memory.

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You can Upload Content in Advance


Want to get the ball rolling? Upload some content to the event in advance and encourage guests to do the same. They can send you comments to let you know how excited they are for your big day or post plenty of memories that you have all shared together. Why not create a photo time-line of your relationship from the start through to your special moment together or simply share some embarrassing pictures of your fiancée? Well, it would be rude not to!

You'll Never Miss a Moment


We are sure you have hired a professional photographer to take glossy photos, but what about those hundreds of other subtle moments that go unnoticed? That moment granny has a tipple too many and busts some moves on the dance floor. That moment your best man flirts outrageously with your maid of honour. Or, our personal favourites, those soppy speeches and gushy "I love you" that are shared after that extra glass of bubbly? By providing a place where all your guests can share their personal pictures and videos, you can build up a real-time portrait and collect maximum content from the day! Oh and it is important to add that if things get a little carried away and someone posts something that you don’t want granny, mum or the flower girl to see, you can moderate the content in the event settings.

It Brings your Guests Together



Even if your guests have no previous social media relationships, yada will bring them together and break those social boundaries. It will get your guests interacting with each other both on the yada event and in person. Put the QR- codes generated by yada on tables or invitations to make sure your guests download the app and connect via the event. How about holding a ‘best photo’ competition between each table? That’s sure to break the ice! Plus, if your guests get a little too cosy, there is a private messaging option where they can keep in touch away from the prying eyes of everyone else.

y moment and take away every memory.

"the perfect app for a

perfect day"



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